Study of the book, "Everyone's a Theologian"

Everyone's a Theologian

The Bible is a large book that was written over fifteen hundred years by numerous men. It is composed of various types of literature, from history to poetry to prophecies to letters to apocalyptic writing. Much of what it contains seems strange and vastly different from what we know and experience today. All of this can make it difficult to discern the Bible's mos basic themes and topics. But through the discipline of systematic theology, we can arrange and understand the Bible's multi-faceted writings in a topical fashion. Everyone's a Theologian, then, is an introduction to the Bible's major teachings.

In the book, Dr. Sproul begins by defining theology and considering its purpose. He then moves on to discuss the source of all theology, the Bible, which is God's special revelation.

In subsequent sections, Dr. Sproul looks at such topics as theology proper (the study of God), anthropology (the study of man), Christology (the study of Christ), pneumatolgy ( the study of the Holy Spirit), soteriologhy (the study of salvation) ecclesiology ( the study of the church) and eschatology (the study of the end times). Each section features seven to eight short, readable chapters that consider various aspects of the subset of theology that is in view.

Readers will come away from this book with a solid grasp on the basic truths of Scripture and a clearer view of how the Bible's varied topics fit together into a beautiful whole.